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Festive Festoon

It’s nearing that time of year again which can only mean one thing and at Optime Lighting, we’re full of the Christmas spirit. Whilst the days may be growing shorter and a little colder, we’ve got the perfect solution to add some warm, ambient hues to those winter nights.

Whether you decorate your garden head to toe in Christmas lights, or like to keep it a little more understated, the possibilities are endless with our range of festoon lighting. Not only are they a pretty way to add some Christmas cheer to your household, but they’re strong and robust, manufactured with the elements in mind.  

Our heavy-duty festoon lights are all crafted with outstanding durability and are specifically designed for all year-round outdoor use, meaning they can decorate and illuminate your garden long past the festive season.

Available with various lengths and lamp holders, these fittings allow you to decide on the perfect layout for you. These are ideal to use for outdoor Christmas lighting, but also year-round garden parties, hanging lights, patio lights and other outdoor events. If you want to beautifully illuminate your house and garden with minimal effort, festoon is the way forward, promising you the best lighting display that will remain sturdy for years to come.

We’ve included a gallery of images showcasing our festoon lighting range. Scroll down and gain some major lighting inspiration for the holiday season!

To have a chat with us about ordering your very own festoon lights in time for Christmas, you can call us on +44(0)1462 441 920 or email us at

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